Cannabis Trade Council

The Cannabis Trade Council is a professional trade association organized to help the cannabis industry grow and flourish through self-regulation, while keeping the needs of the patient foremost. Our members are committed to providing patients with safe, affordable and confidential access to quality medical cannabis. Our motto is “What’s good for patients is good for business.” It is critical for the cannabis industry to speak with a single strong voice in issues regarding legislation, rulemaking and public relations. We are looking for businesses and individuals that will help build and strengthen our organization. If you are currently involved in the cannabis industry, thinking of starting a cannabis business, or support cannabis commerce, please consider becoming a member. As a┬ámedical marijuana industry group, the Cannabis Trade Council is watchful of everything that affects marijuana policy in Colorado and nationwide. We have the most experienced team of political strategists and organizers in the state. Through organization and self-regulation, we hope to build the industry into a force strong enough to resist government attempts to over-regulate the medical cannabis industry out of existence. We believe the best regulations are those that protect patients. CTC members have very high standards. We believe that the most effective regulations will come from within the cannabis community.