Cannabis Trade Council Advisory Committees

CTC has many advisory committees working to develop industry Best Practices and a Code of Ethics. These fundamental documents are the basis of industry self-regulation. A strong trade organization is the best defense against government over-regulation. Our advisory committees are open to all members on a volunteer basis. The goal of each committee is to research and report to the members on their area of expertise. As reports are finalized, they are compiled and codified and shared with other members. Our advisory committees are the backbone of our organization, and focus on many different aspects of the cannabis industry. Your effort helps build a strong foundation, resulting in success for everyone. If you would like to participate in one of these volunteer committees, please fill out a membership form.

  • Cannabis Food Safety Committee
  • Cannabis Science Committee
  • Committee to Amend the Constitution
  • Committee to Promote Alternative Methods of Ingestion
  • Cultivation Standards
  • Dispensing Standards
  • Ethics Committee: The Code of Ethics will guide the cannabis industry in providing the most compassionate care.
  • Labeling Standards
  • Legislative Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Litigation Committee
  • Local Government Committee
  • Media Committee
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Patient Care Standards
  • Processing Standards
  • Regulatory Watchdog Committee (CDPHE, DOR)
  • Security Standards